Potential Partners

partners - Potential Partners

We are always on the lookout for people or companies who embody the health, wellness, and happiness of our children. As such, these companies—mostly startups—are some of the companies we’re reaching out to:

MyFitnessPal| Weight watchers can finally have the partner of their dreams. MyFitnessPal is an app that lets you take tabs on what you eat as well as how frequently you burn the calories from these foods. Aside from that, you can also figure out a diet plan—what foods you should be eating more of and what foods you should be staying away from as much as possible.

Food52| Running out of ideas on what you should be feeding your kids? This app, endorsed by Amanda Hesser and one Merrill Stubbs, food writers, helps you figure out new recipes to use. It is fully community endorsed, meaning there’s always a recipe here that you haven’t tried out just yet.

MindBodyGreen| For intermediate parents who have children already able to make fitness plans and understand them, MindBodyGreen is the app for you. It’s an amalgam of articles and personal stories featuring a community’s journey toward creating fitness, health, and sustainability a part of their every life. It also features tips to cover all aspects of life—from living a green lifestyle to creating meaningful, lasting relationships with the people around you.

NatureBox| There’s an app for almost everything and this is another food app, but one that’s closer to home. Naturebox helps you create a health-friendly snack plan through ordering a box of healthy snacks for when you and your children get cravings. Every box also gives back to charity, feeding children throughout the world.