Fun Times All the Time: Making your Parenting Cool

When you already have children, how would you like to be—a friend but not a parent, or a parent but never a friend?

It is puzzling, especially if you want to be present in your child’s life and see them close to you. It’s possible to become their friend without compromising the firmness and authority you have as a parent. Here are a few tips to raise your children without seeing you as ‘the enemy.’

Create a time for bonding

Once you’re a parent, you want to enjoy as much time as you can with your children. It could be hard, however, to create an aura of respect if you let them have too much fun at the cost of your authority. What you can do is to set aside a time when both of you just have to play and have fun, without any fear of repercussions.

Be consistent with punishments

When your children do something wrong, it’s your responsibility as a parent to punish them. Be fair and lenient in your punishments, however; remember to explain to them the reason you’re punishing them. Remind them that the reason behind the punishment is your love and to show them that what they did was wrong, and they need to take responsibility.

Set down rules

You can have fun and be close with your children all you want, but you should keep enforcing rules and regulations. Let them know that your rules are final and, even when you have a close relationship with them, you should set some rules that are unbreakable. It’s one way of being close with them without compromising your job as their parent.

Point out what their mistakes are

When a child makes mistakes and gets punished for it, there are times when they’re wondering what the mistakes are. Be consistent with explaining to them what is wrong and why they’re being punished. More than that, point out to them what they did wrong. If their room is messy, tell them what is messy about it; don’t leave them hanging.

Remember to recognize their achievements

A child loves it when they’re praised. Aside from making them feel good, it gives them incentive to keep doing the right thing. Rewards can evolve as they grow up, but while they’re young, they can usually be satisfied with a hug and kiss. Scholastic achievements can usually be praised with the right food or toy for their success.

famm - Fun Times All the Time: Making your Parenting Cool

Being a parent is hard. Sometimes you become the enemy while oftentimes you’re their protector. Becoming a mix of the two is hard but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to work at it.

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