Celebrity Parenting: Celebrity Parents with the Weirdest Child-rearing Methods

From strange punishments to asking their kid to join cult-like organizations, celebrity parents have run the gamut of parenting from strange to weirder. Even though celebrities are still people, they do find ways to separate their child-rearing ways from normal methods.

It’s not just asking their children to join Scientology or letting them eat vegetables when they misbehave. Naming their children strange names is only the tip of the iceberg when talking about celebrity parenting.

Alicia Silverstone and Bear Blu

Perhaps Ms. Silverstone may have watched a little too much Animal Planet. It’s not enough that she named her son Bear Blu; a viral video circulated where Ms. Silverstone masticated her son’s food and fed it to the child through her mouth. It’s not unheard of—in nature—but when you’re talking about real-world parenting, it comes off as strange.

Christina Applegate and the NoseFrida

It could be a reaction toward hard-core, hands-on parenting, but you can’t say Ms. Applegate doesn’t take her child’s health seriously. Apparently, the best parenting advice she’s received was using NoseFrida on her kid. A NoseFrida is a device that sucks the snot out of a baby’s nose—by using the suction of your mouth. Hard. Core.

Jamie Oliver’s fiery love

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s love affair with food extends beyond the kitchen and into parenting. He resolved an incident with his 12-year-old daughter Poppy by giving her an apple pie rubbed with Scotch Bonnet, a chili that’s renowned for its stinging hotness. Perhaps it would be effective to remind his daughter not to cross him again.

Lisa Fitzpatrick’s version of ‘stand in the corner’

If her children knows a family vacation is coming up, that’s the time when they behave their best. Ms. Fitzpatrick’s unique approach to parenting includes having her children earn their own money for their own stuff, but her stern bit of parenting leaves the children with a baby-sitter—usually their grandmother—while the rest of the family go on vacation.

Mayim Bialik and the 3-year-old infant

It’s not unheard of in the real world, but when you’re a celebrity, everything gets magnified ten-fold. In Mayim Bialik’s case, she still feeds, clothes, and carries her 3-year-old as if still an infant. It might be her own unique way of bonding with her child; in an interview, she also admitted that she might wean them from breastfeeding sometime before high school.

The methods might be weird and the ideas might be crazy. Celebrities are still people though; what seems crazy to others might be their own way of checking up on their children, as much as their schedules would allow.

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