I Don’t Wanna Go to School and Other Unhappy Signs: How to Deal with Them

When you’re hands-on parents, you hear lots of things both interesting and alarming from your child. There’s the constant tantrums, craziness, and strange sadness a child can display. If they’re more sad than happy, sometimes you have to check if you’re doing something wrong to them or they’re lacking attention.

If, however, you find that the problem lies not with you, you have to figure out which of these they’re suffering from.

kid2 - I Don’t Wanna Go to School and Other Unhappy Signs: How to Deal with Them

Problem:Too many tantrums

You might notice them playing a little rougher than usual with their siblings or with other kids, and when you scold them, they throw more tantrums than usual. This could be a serious sign of an underlying problem. Usually, positive actions like kisses and hugs for good behavior solve this.

Problem: Feigning or suffering from ‘sickness’

Some children suffer from frequent sickness that also affects their schoolwork. The problem is when they seem to get sick more than usual. When this happens, they might be feigning sickness to get away from going to school. You should not tolerate such actions but do understand what makes them do it.

Why it Happens:Depression, or otherwise…

If any of these happens, chances are they might be suffering from something serious like depression. A study revealed 25% of children suffer from it, but it doesn’t happen automatically. You should have a hint of it if it happens; after all, parents who suffer from depression tend to pass the same problem on to their brood.

kid - I Don’t Wanna Go to School and Other Unhappy Signs: How to Deal with Them

How to Help:Figure out solutions

Just as adults like you need help, so do your children. It’s even better when you figure out the early warning signs. Take your children to the doctor as soon as the earliest possible sign surfaces. Do not wait until it’s too late or until they grow up.

Depressed or not, children need all the help they can get from people who can support them the earliest—their parents. You, as a figure of authority, can do so much more than just be a parent to your kids.

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