Happy Kids, Happy Life: How to Raise Happy Adults from Children

One of the many things parents want for their children is to be happy or, specifically, to live a happy life. This is not as easy to achieve, not if you don’t know what to do. Many people have different ideas of happiness and with that, they also have different ways and stuff that they want to make them happy. Children, albeit simpler, are the same.

What exactly do children need to be happy? We break it down to these few simple tips.

First tip: For them to be happy, their parent has to be happy

Happiness is infectious. Haven’t you heard of the saying that a happy person infects a room of persons with normal feelings? If you want your children to have happy dispositions, you have to be happy yourself. A large number of happy adults owe a happy, memorable childhood to parents who know how to have fun.

Second tip: Be friendly yourself, and they will be friendly

Do you have relationships both in and out of work? This is an important question to ask because it is a trait that may be imitated by your child. Generally, a friendly parent will always have a child who emulates the same friendship they see. Therefore, it’s important to guide your child in this by being friendly and cordial yourself.

hap - Happy Kids, Happy Life: How to Raise Happy Adults from Children

Third tip: Teach them about real life

Life has its ups and downs and often, you find yourself in more downs than ups. It’s how you get through these down times that define your happiness. If you know how to get through the hard times, it tends to reflect off you and on your children. If you already taught them how to be happy, you should also teach them that life gets you sad at times, but it’s okay.

Fourth tip: Praise excellence; cheer them up even when they fail

Everybody loves a winner. However, children who are no strangers to failure have a hard time if not for parents who support them, faults and all. If you want your child to grow up happy and confident, don’t instill in them the fear of failure. Instead, teach them that it’s okay to fail, but make sure that they know what they should learn from it and instill in them the need to be better next time.

Fifth tip: Let them be children

Child celebrities often suffer when they grow up because they had a strange, adult-like childhood. When your child is young, you should always let them be children. Don’t make them grow up too fast by stifling their play time; that’s when they learn how to explore and develop their thinking. More play time means more time for discoveries and a childhood fulfilled.

It’s not that hard to be a parent. It’s okay to fail, but always remember to think of your child first before yourself. It’s only then that you may be able to call yourself a good parent.

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