The Secret to Happy-ness: Tips on Raising a Happy Family

When summer arrives, as an adult, what do you remember? Do you remember going to the beach, playing games, and swimming with your parents? Do you remember visiting your grandparents and playing games with your cousins as well as the family?

Well, if you do, you’re lucky. You’ve had a complete childhood and your family was happy.

While you don’t need memories like those to say that your family is happy, having them is a sign that your parents did their best to raise you to be happy. It’s also one way of keeping a family happy, as is seen in these tips below.

play1 - The Secret to Happy-ness: Tips on Raising a Happy Family

A|Set a Family play date

Some families don’t feel happy at all because they’re always at odds with each other. A big reason for this is because they don’t really know each other at all. If you want to get closer to your children, set some time for them. You can set family playtime where you huddle around and play a board game or spend some time at the park, playing ball or anything of the sort.

B|Acknowledge discoveries, no matter how trivial they are

A big percentage of adult knowledge stems from experiences in their childhood when their parents tried to explain things to them. When you find your child curious about the stars and the planets or the birds and the bugs in the garden, encourage this. You can try to explain them to the best of your abilities. It’s another way of bonding with your children.

play2 - The Secret to Happy-ness: Tips on Raising a Happy Family

C|Make family meal time sacred but fun

Another reason children grow up to be disconnected from their parents is because they lack connections. One more connection you can create is to have meals where everyone sits at the table but talks to each other. You can also add a little spice to it to make it memorable for the children when they’re young. It’ll be another happy memory for them when they grow up.

D|Be friends with their friends

Strictness and authority is important when dealing with your children, but not so much that you shut them out from discovering who you are. This is another way of creating a bridge to connect with them. Learn what they like, and support that. If they’re into sports, try to install or build spaces for that. If they’re into art, support that. It’s also important because they might invite friends over; when you discover who their friends are, you discover who they are too.

play3 - The Secret to Happy-ness: Tips on Raising a Happy Family

E|Teach them to be grateful for everything

Children might turn out spoiled and bitter in life, but not if they know why they have what they have. Instill in them a sense of gratitude and they’ll turn out fine. One way of doing this is to have a time in the day when they thank someone for everything they have. This is usually an activity where you come together in faith or when you just complement each other.

Parenting can either be very hard or very simple. When you know your children and teach them how to be good, that’s when you make parenting easier for you.

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